Micropellets: the answer to the dilemma “healthy or tasty?”

Health is a key concept for the food industry, permeating the whole supply chain from the choice of raw materials to processing. When coming to snacks however, personal indulgence and pleasure need to be balanced with nutritional aspects to offer a complete tasting experience.Popped chips are the solution to respond to the growing trend of healthy snacks without giving up enjoyment. Coming from a variety of ingredients, popped chips are not fried and therefore low in fat. At the same time they are crunchy and crispy so customers can feel good about.
How can this snack be made healthy but also tasty and enjoyable?The secret lies in micropellets, an extremely versatile product processed with a clean popping technology, that can offer tremendous success to snack manufacturers by using countless blends based on a variety of healthy ingredients. Valin started producing micropellets in the early 2000s. Since then, continuous improvements in equipment and processes have led Valin to accumulate considerable experience to run performance and quality in the most demanding circumstances. Intensive research and continuous investments on process innovation are the demonstration of Valin’s commitment to product optimization.
The production capacity of micro pellets will increase in 2023 by as much as 4,000 tons/year, to follow the increasing popularity of popped snacks among health-conscious consumers.Valin combines decades of experience with an international presence to offer the most popular recipes and consultancy at global level. If your business direction leads to healthy food, Valin helps you get there through popped snacks.