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Our production lines are engineered to meet the most demanding global requests. With an offer including standard shapes and customized products, we master the quality of the output from the selection of raw materials all through the production process.

Consistent results

Transforming flours into tasty snacks

Production is not only a matter of innovation or technical knowledge. It is the ability to mix ingredients, to evaluate weight, humidity, taste and texture.

Our team of experts gives their contribution at every step of the process. They know that raw materials are always changing, but results need to be always consistent.

Innovative Products

Micropellets for light and healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are a common trend at global level. That’s why we set production lines dedicated to low-fat, high protein pellets, able to produce potato products as well as fully plant-based pellets and micropellets.


Shapes available


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Research and selection

More than a good snack  

To get the best from our products we are always engaged to improve our processes. This is not only linked to innovation and the control of manufacturing but also to the selection of suppliers and the research of the best ingredients. 

Quality means working closely with our suppliers to eliminate any defects from incoming raw materials, and with our technical partners to make innovations in our production plants.

quality control system

Test and control to get consistent results

Quality control is mandatory to guarantee the consistency of the final result. That’s why in Valin a dedicated team continuously tests our products in our internal laboratory at every stage of production. From the reception of raw materials, to sample analysis all through the production flow. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-art instruments. Our experts verify the compliance with respect to products specifications, such as bulk density, moisture content and dimensions. Our customers’ challenges are opportunities to meet even higher standards of quality.

a common goal

A service based on relationships

Serving customers is a key value of Valin. As partners in business, we are committed to giving you the best solutions, with the highest performance and consistent results, from ideas to the execution and beyond.
Our relationship is based on a common goal: the fulfillment of your business vision.

Our mission

We give the best shape to your vision

All our processes are designed with our customers at the center. Thanks to our know-how and experience we understand your business and what the market wants.

That’s why we always look for the best solution to fit your needs. Our experts are waiting to discuss your projects.  

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