Taylor-made Shapes

New Product Request

VALIN utilizes extrusion cooking technology in the most versatile and flexible way. The extrusion cooking technology offers limitless combinations of shapes, textures, and tastes to satisfy the most demanding markets and offer high added value products. The production lines installed in the factory are designed according to the highest standard in food production; Pellet products are developed for each customer in exclusive shapes and unique recipes, to offer the best products in a highly challenging market situation.

Feasibility Study

Production systems at VALIN are highly automated to allow consistent process flow, and high quality levels, in compliance with most stringent and demanding quality standards. Our experienced production staff is trained not only to follow the process but also to check the product quality at each step, in co-ordination with QC and QA team, which supervises and controls quality in a fully equipped laboratory. VALIN Quality System is certified by DNV for ISO 9001/2015 and BRC - ISSUE 7 - AA GRADE.

Pilot Plant

VALIN’s focus is definitely on Research & Innovation: a qualified R&D Team evaluates market trends, nutritional requirements, customer’s needs; interacts with suppliers for quality and characteristics of the ingredients; organizes pilot plant tests, and industrial trials. VALIN can provide full support in NPD to design the ultimate pellets that will turn into profitable and successful snack products.